mbFeatherTools updates to v2.0. mbFeatherTools is a production proven plugin for Autodesk Softimage which features styling, animation and simulation of bird feathers. Feel free to download the 2.0 demo which includes 3 scenes.

Some new Features in 2.0:

  • Plane-to-Plane Intercollision (also referred to as Self-Collision)
  • Realistic wind resistance
  • Uniform Distance Constraint
  • Intercollision options inside setup node to reduce initial intersections
  • Stiff Spring option for faster previews and animation

mbFeatherTools 2.0 new features from Michael Buettner on Vimeo.

This video shows the main new features of version 2.0, including feather intercollision and the uniform distance constraint. More information at http://feathertools.michael-buettner.com

mbFeatherTools Feature Tour from Michael Buettner on Vimeo.

mbFeatherTools is a plugin for Autodesk Softimage (formerly Softimage|XSI) which features styling, animation and simulation of feathers. For more information visit http://feathertools.michael-buettner.com

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