zbrush 4 custom user interface tutorial

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  1. hernan

    I use a similar custom brush palette, but I find that 90% of the time I’m only using 3-5 brushes when sculpting (std, move, pinch, etc) – so on top of that I just assign hotkeys to those brushes; that way you aren’t constantly stopping and and starting. You can also assign the bracket keys for your brush size in the zplugin>misc utilities menu. This way you don’t have to constantly stop and/or right click to change the brush draw size. The above combined with the ‘tab’ key to enter into expert mode give a nice and clean interface.

  2. Most tutorials of this nature are done by less-than-fantastic artists. You know… the more… technical types. So it’s awesome to get a technical oriented tut by a guy who is also a blazingly kick-ass artist!


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