Rick Mulawa from SimplyMaya demonstrates a few great tips and tricks that are important to know when modeling NURBS in Maya. To demonstrate Maya NURBS tips and tricks, Rick uses the premise of creating a shoe in Maya using NURBS

Maya NURBS tips and tricks. SimplyMaya Free Friday Tutorial from Simply 3DWorld on Vimeo.

Modeling with NURBS based geometry in Maya is something that a lot of beginners struggle with and in this tutorial we show you how to model a sandal entirely with NURBS using modeling techniques from Rhino.

Working with the CV curve tool to create the initial curves for the model we move onto lofting surfaces, rebuilding geometry and changing the parametrisation of surfaces to prevent the strange results that can sometimes occur when working with NURBS in Maya.

During this process you’ll get a lot of useful tips for how to approach NURBS modeling and learn why it’s important to rebuild curves and surfaces to get geometry that flows well, as well as how to work with the round tool for NURBS. We also take a look at some of the things to look out for such as empty nodes that can be created from slicing and cutting operations during the modeling process.

NURBS Based Geometry
CV Curve Tool
Creating, Editing & Rebuilding Curves
Periodic & Open Curves
Reversing & Rebuilding Surfaces
Cutting & Slicing NURBS
Booleans Difference
The Round Tool

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  1. krasni

    When I use the round tool, it does not match the number of spans of the source surfaces.


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