A great little tutorial showing a method to cleanly transfer UVs to an already bound rig in Autodesk Maya… Zeth Willie returns!

Maya/Rigging: Cleanly Transferring UVs to a Bound Rig from zeth willie on Vimeo.

“A problem I encounter every now and then is that I’ll have a fully bound character and someone (curse you!) wants to swap out the UV set. So I’ll transfer UV’s from the transfer attr dialogue and viola. But the history can be a pain to get rid of. This vid is a bit about why that happens and how to get around it. Please to enjoy.”


  1. blake sherrill

    thanks, this helped for student project im working on at UTDallas

  2. jackson am

    that was so helpful!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tomas Landberg

    Amazing, just what I needed! Thanks a bunch 🙂

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