A sneak look at the new Anzovin Rig Tools for Maya from Raf Anzovin showing some new rigging capabilities in Maya with new deformation tools and something called Bone CVs. Anzovin Rig Tools for Maya is designed to be an almost ground-up rewrite of Maya’s rigging tools and it looks pretty exciting so far! For more information on Anzovin Rig Tools for Maya check out Anzovin Studio here.

From the video description: “This entirely new rigging product in development at Anzovin Studio is not an auto rigging tool. Instead, it’s an almost ground-up rewrite of Maya’s existing rigging tools, allowing for advanced features formerly impossible in Maya.”

Anzovin Rig Tools’ key features are expected to include:

  • Advanced Weight Painting Tools
  • Twistable & Bendable Bones
  • Stretchy IK Solvers
  • Scriptable Through Mel

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  1. Tagore Smith

    With great power comes great responsibility ;). There’s more to ART than you see in this demo, and even more stuff you’re going to hope animators don’t touch. But it’s still nice to have the power, isn’t it?

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