Brad Magnus takes a look at creating a Kinetic Type Animation using iExpressions from MamoWorld, and 3D Extruder as well as the ever so useful Zorro (all available at AEScripts). This is a great example of how to synchronize sound while creating a kinetic type animation in After Effects, and how to keep the timeline organized while doing so.

As a side note, Mathias also informed me that MochaImport is scheduled to be released soon!

Check out the tutorial for Creating an Audio Driven Kinetic Type Animation in After Effects using iExpressions here. Also, if you haven’t checked out AEscripts before, first of all… who are you?

from the tutorial description: In this tutorial we talk about some basic animation principles and setup, and then proceed to take a brief look at working with 2 really great plugins from After a bit of recording issues the day of the user group meetup, here is a more in depth tutorial on how to create the effects seen here: Disclamer: the music audio is a bit loud, be prepared, and my video capture software was dropping out on me a bit. Sorry for that.