Adobe has unveiled their CS6 Production Suite with two new applications joining the bunch, and some great features and changes all around. To touch on some of the key features briefly, After Effects CS6 has finally received the ability for variable edge feathering on masks and paths, a 3D camera tracker built in, and new global performance cache and updated some of the bundled plugins for 16 & 32 bpc color depth.

top new features in After Effects CS6:

  • Global Performance Cache
  • 3D Camera Tracker
  • ray-traced, extruded text and shapes
  • conversion of Illustrator vector graphics to shape layers
  • variable-width mask feather
  • new Cycore (CC) effects and upgrade of dozens of effects to 16-bpc and 32-bpc color depth
  • Pro Import After Effects functionality based on technology from Automatic Duck for importing projects from other applications, including Final Cut Pro and Avid software
  • improved integration with mocha-AE
  • new and greatly improved GPU acceleration features for previews and final-quality rendering
  • Rolling Shutter Repair effect

Check here for more information on the Adobe CS6 Production Premium offering. And Chris and Trish Meyer do a little review of After Effects CS6 at Provideo here.

After Effects CS6 also includes the ability to create 3D objects from shapes, text and paths and a new raytrace engine, and MotionBoutique wasted no time in showing their Newton Physics Engine for After Effects with 3D shapes that were created in After Effects CS6. check them out – pretty interesting.