Ryan Ragle shares a script that he wrote for After Effects called Render Queue Time Span Changer which will allow you to handily change the time span in After Effects for frames of items in the render Queue. With the Render Queue Time Span Script you are able to change all the items to use the Entire Composition setting, workspace or a custom setting of your own.

Check out the Render Queue Time Span Changer Script for After Effects here.

Ryan Ragle writes: Here is a handy script I wrote to take care of changing the time span of frames of items in the render queue. You can selected either all render queue items or ones queued and ready to go. You can change your items to all use Entire Composition, Workspace area or your own custom time amount. This script works with after effects CS3 through CS5.5 It can work as a panel by putting in the UI scripts OR you can put it in the standard scripts folder.

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