Eran Stern looks at some of the new 3D features in After Effects CS6 specifically using the CC Environment effect in conjunction with the new Environment Layer in After Effects CS6 as part of the new 3D features that After Effects now sports.

Check out the tutorial for Using the New Environment Layer in After Effects CS6 3D Features here.

Eran Stern also runs down some other great features in the new After Effects CS6 by showing how shapes from vectors work as well as the variable edge feathering that can now be done with masks.

Eran Stern writes: Today Adobe revealed the next version of my favorite software – After Effects CS6. This release, for me, is a milestone and has a few new features which are a game changer. Just to name a few: Global Performance Cache; Ray-traced extruded text and shapes; 3D camera tracker; Variable mask feathering; and my personal favorite, Vector art import from Adobe Illustrator® with conversion to shape layers.

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