Rob Skiena with a look at some of the new features available in Maya 2013 pertaining to custom attribute editor views. With Maya 2013 you are able to use template files to customize the attribute editor however you like which is great for production projects.

Rob Skiena provides a simple overview as well as a quick start video on how to create custom attribute editor views in Maya, and then takes a look at some production examples as well as object based views and callbacks.

There are some new features available in Maya 2103 that may change how you use the Attribute Editor.  With Custom Attribute Editor Attribute Views, you may use template files to customize the Attribute Editor for specific tasks, projects or artist type.  Some things you can do with custom Attribute Views in Maya are:

  • Create custom views of attributes in the Attribute Editor.
  • Specify views for both Node Types and for specifically Named Nodes,
  • Set views for the current selection, or Globally for all nodes in Maya
  • Use Callbacks in Python and Mel to inject script functions into the AE
  • Set Maya to search for Templates in a custom directory or across a network

See the Bonus Tools 2013 documentation for more details.  Additionally here are 5 short video tutorials to get you going on View creation with the Template Builder.