Hair Factory for Blender Converts Particle Hair to Images for Low Poly Hair in Unity

MajorNightmare posts a new plugin for Blender [via blendernation] that will take Blender’s particle based hair system and convert it into images that can be placed on low polygon cards and can be imported into the Unity 3D game Engine. Check out the Hair Factory Plugin for Blender over at Blend Swap.

…Here’s an easy way convert Blender’s pretty particle hair into a Low Poly version Unity can use. The idea is to create an RGBA(w/alpha) TGA file that can be UV wrapped to a mesh object, and an FBX export to Unity. Essentially 3D to 2D hair…

The plugin will create an RGBA TGA file that can be UV wrapped to any mesh object, then transported to Unity by way of FBX export, essentially giving you a great method to create 2D hair from a 3D based hair source. Pretty clever! MajorNightmare also notes that with Unity’s image compression, it will be pretty easy to get the file size down to something really tiny.

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