Recently The Pixel Farm has announced that both PFTrack and PFMachit will see price reductions in an effort to reposition its products to be more accessible to the marketplace. Prices for both will take effect September 7th coinciding with the first day of IBC 2012.

In an effort to proactively position its products within reach of an ever-diversifying commercial landscape, coupled with the pending release of PFDepth (which benefits from the data created in its matchmoving applications), The Pixel Farm is realigning its pricing structure to make its tools even more accessible to a broader, ever expanding market.

PFTrack, The Pixel Farm’s 3D Camera Tracking and Match-moving application, is now available for $1600, which is a significant price drop from previous versions. The latest release of PFTrack 2012 offers new support for full resolution raw LIDAR scans.

PFMatchit, Which is the Pixel Farm’s new entry point to match-moving replacing PFHoe is now available for $480. PFMatchit features the same flowgraph architecture, key algorithms and workflow of PFTrack and PFMatchit and PFTrack share the same user interface and basic toolset, with PFTrack featuring additional tools and functionality that go far beyond conventional camera and object tracking.