Taro has updated his Motion Trail Plugin for Softimage which will display the animation path right in the viewport in Softimage. Simply install the addon, add a shortcut key or a script button, activate the motion trail tool and select the animated object or objects.

The Motion Trail tool for Soft will allow you to edit, delete, or insert animation keys with a simple click right within the Softimage the viewport. The script is a free download through the si-community, check out Motion Trail Tool for Softimage here.

Taro lists the added features to Motion Trail for Softimage as:

  • Manipulator ( Global Translate only )
  • Insert Key by Middle Click
  • Remove Key by shortcut Delete
  • Break Tangents by shortcut O
  • Auto Slope by shortcut Shift+A
  • Context Menu by Right Click
  • Fixed Bug ( when parent animate, it was weird )
  • Slope Size by shortcut PageUp and PageDown
  • Change Custom Preference
  • Faster than v1.2 ( maybe )