Recently, BadKing has posted a look at using the Topology Brush in ZBrush laying out the basic principles of creating new topology from a ZBrush sculpt. The Topology brush uses intersecting curve lines in ZBrush to create new geometry and faces, very similar to the way that 3DCoat’s Topology Room works.

In this introduction, we look at the overall scope of the Topology Brush series and briefly examine some of the topics that will be covered including basic application, separation of sub-objects, symmetry and LazyMouse as well as ways to edit existing topology

BadKing covers creating a single PolyGroup for the ZBrush Sculpt in preparation for the Topology Brush, and also shows how curves are created and removed and looks at hot they can be extended to create new faces.

This is a three part look at using the Topology Brush in ZBrush, and in parts that follow, BadKing shows how it is possible to create entire polygon loops and looks at ways to separate sub objects, and a look at using LazyMouse and symmetry in ZBrush.

The last part of the Topology Brush Tutorial will look at a more in depth look at the curve mode function in ZBrush, and shows some of the issues that may arise when creating new topology in ZBrush.

As an added bonus, BadKing has also just finished a Splash Brush Set for ZBrush. The Splash Brush set consists of 17 parts that were created from RealFlow Simulations and then brought in to ZBrush and collected into an Insert Multi Mesh Brush (IMM) so you can toggle between the various splash pieces within the set as you are sculpting. The Splash Brush Set for ZBrush is a free download and available at BadKing here.


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