John Chen dropped me a quick note letting me know of his behind the scenes look at using Maya’s nParticles, nCloth, and Maya’s Instancer to create an effect of a character that bursts through some hedges providing a quick breakdown of how he created a shot in a scene from the Cerebus Film.

This shot is of a character bursting through hedges, it contains tips and general workflow suggestions to achieve the FX using particles, ncloth, nparticle and instancer

Here, John walks through how the scene was set up showing particle creation, dynamic fields, Instancer setup, nMeshing, Caching, emitting Sticky Particles and Particle Goal Instancing which all come together to create dynamic leaves and vines to realistically sell the character bursting through the hedges.

John notes that the recording he created is largely unplanned and fairly loose, but there are still some great tips when dealing with setting up a complex scene in Maya using particles, Instancer, nCloth and stick nParticles.



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