Spiral Graphics Inc. creators of the seamless texture editor and effects editor Genetica, has recently announced Genetica 4.0, which will represent a a large update for the seamless texture, animation, and HDRI environment map editor.

Genetica 4.0 is the revolutionary new version of our seamless texture and effects editor, to be released in the first quarter of 2013 for Windows XP and above

Genetica is a node based application that allows non destructive workflows for building textures and effects, and with version 4 anticipated for release in the first quarter of 2013 ads a new streamlined way of editing based on tweaking options in an intuitive interface providing a new way to interact with common operations without the use of nodes.

Genetica 4 also adds a new filtering system for searching images and effects, and a whole whack of new nodes providing the ability to create blurs, tilt shift effects, selective focus and more.

Key features of the new version include:

  • A streamlined new way of editing graphics based on tweaking options in an intuitive interface. The existing node-based approach is still there for power users, but is no longer a necessity for performing common operations.
  • A new filter system making it easy to for artists to add effects to existing photos and images.
  • The ability to procedurally generate textures for UV-mapped models, including impressive new operations such as texture synthesis onto the surface of a model.
  • The introduction of scripting, allowing savvy artists to extend Genetica’s abilities in intriguing new ways.
  • A host of new drawing tools including a pressure-sensitive brush, freehand drawing, image trace, and the ability to import vectors from other illustration packages.
  • A dozen new nodes, adding abilities such as smart blurs, tilt shift effects, selective focus, and more.

A beta of the new version is expected in early 2013, with the final release slated for the first quarter. Genetica 4.0 will be available for Windows XP and above, and for more information regarding Genetica 4, check out the page at Spiral Graphics here.

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