craSceneTools provides a new Menu Item in Maya that houses a new and custom open Scene Dialog. The new Scene Tools Open Scene dialog gives all kind of information while browsing, such as displaying scene notes as well as a thumbnail preview of your scene, something that is an immense help when browsing through Maya scene files.

The Scene Tools has a whole host of tools that greatly expand the Maya Scene Dialog functionalities to include much more information. Scene Tools will also allow you to quickly reload the current or last opened scene, create or view a scene playBlast, Create a shot camera from the current position, or show and hide custom HUD scene information providing plenty of tools centered around scene management in Maya. Check out the Maya Scene Tools for scene thumbnails and scene Management here.

Custom Open Scene Dialog with scene thumbnails and note display. Tools for dealing with playblasts, references, attribute locking/hiding, custom channel box icons and more

Maya Scene Tools provides tools with the following features:

  • Custom Open Scene Dialog with thumbnails, playblast, scene note display and referencing/importing options
  • Reload Current/Last Opened Scene
  • Save Scene Version
  • Current Scene Info Window
  • Scene Thumbnails and Scene Note creation
  • Scene Info HUDS
  • Create Shot Camera at persp position
  • Playblast/Shot Window
  • Create Scene Playblast
  • View Scene Playblast
  • Custom Reference File Editor (many features and remote editing, commandPort 7777 must be available)
  • Channel/Node Control ( lock / hide attrs, lock objects)
  • Filter/Select Node Types
  • Playback Options
  • Setup Render Resolution
  • Setup Working Units (Space, Time)
  • Reload Scene Textures
  • ChannelBox Scene Tools Buttons (doesn’t work if you already have your own buttons)
  • Autoload script at startup setup