Gustavo Eggert Boehs shows a solution for creating a “Sparta” like environment for adjusting, sculpting, and editing particle attributes in Softimage, using only Softimage’s standard tools, that is to say no special plugins are involved.

the workflow is not as strimlined as sparta, maybe some scripts could help that out (specially miss the drag funcionality in sparta brushes)… in any ways it is a bit more customizable and you can blend between diferent shapes

Gustavo notes that the workflow is not as streamlined as it may be in Sparta, however, with the use of scripts, that could change easily, expanding on the ability to customize and blend between shapes as an example.

The Sparta Project which is a simple sculpting application for particles is the simple concept of NOT using and being entangled in complex expressions and a node based system to create forms and shapes from particle systems.

Simply by using a brush to paint and sculpt particle attributes makes the entire process more intuitive. Sparta offers sculpting tools for interactively adjusting and refining particle caches from applications such as Maya, Max,and Softimage creating the ability to modify the cache for intuitive painting of particle attributes between the Sparta application and the 3D application you are using.