Editude recently announced the release of their LON-LAT Connection Kit for Cinema 4D that allows you to create the always useful geographical location connection animations on a globe in Cinema 4D. The Kit consists of a plugin and a library of cities around the world, and globes as well.
[via @JoelOtron]

Editude Video Productions is proud to announce the immediate release of the LON-LAT Connection Kit, a geo-location creation toolkit for Maxon’s Cinema 4D

The LON-LAT Connection Kit for Cinema 4D has 2 vector globes in 110m and 50m resolutions that are pre-rigged for easy setups, and a sweep line object that has an embedded animation system, making it easy to create animated paths around the globe, bouncing from city to city.

This is a really great idea, as it really takes a lot of time off creating these animations -and we all have to create one of these types of globe animations at one point, don’t we?

The Lon-Lat Connection Kit for Cinema 4D retails for roughly $67.00 and can be purchased through Editude here.

What’s included in the Kit:

  • The LON-LAT Connection plugin: including thousands of cities around the world.
  • The LON-LAT Connection Base Globes
  • all v1.x updates are free

LON-LAT Connection Plugin:

  • easy selection and creation of locations from a list with thousands of cities
  • easy creation of connections between location
  • file parsing for creating large amounts of locations and connections
  • parametric settings for the created locations and connections
  • manuel input of personal lon-lat locations

LON-LAT Connection Library:

  • 2 vector globes in 110m and 50m resolutions, rigged for easy setup
  • a high resolution natural globe
  • sweep line object with embedded animation system
  • 5 different markers