using blind data in maya

Technical Artist Christopher Evans takes a look at using Blind Data in Maya, and explains what Blind Data is in Maya, and how you could to use Blind Data to store metadata such as float, double, boolean, string, binary information that you can store to any component in Maya.

‘Blind data’ is custom data that you can store on any object or its components (vertex, edge, polygon, etc)

Blind Data is information that you can store with polygons or any component in Maya that is not actually used by Maya. Chris notes that one of the uses of Maya Blind Data is to ad properties to objects that might not be available in other applications in a pipeline. Chris provides a simple example of using Maya Blind Data by creating a Blind data Template, and then shows how you can do something more useful, such as storing Maya Skinning Data on a per Vertex basis. Check out Christopher Evan’s post for Using Blind data in Maya here.