Jamie Hamel-Smith covers an introduction to UV Mapping in Cinema 4D providing a great three part look at creating UVs for models in Cinema 4D with some concepts, and practical examples that are good for a beginner as well as the more advanced.

UV Mapping can sound like a complex, intimidating concept to a 3D newcomer. The truth is that it’s a powerful concept that only takes a little bit of introduction to grasp

Jamie shows the very basics of UV mapping, and provides a practical example of creating UVs for an irregular object providing some tips for keeping the distortions to a minimum. Check out the tutorial for An Introduction to UV Mapping in Cinema 4D here.

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  1. So glad you are sharing some of Jamie Hamel-Smith’s tutorials. He has a great way of explaining things and has been one of the most useful and informative tutorial makers for me. He has taught me more in one video than most have taught me in 10. He deserves much recognition!

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