We have seen plenty on the new features that were planned for 3D-Coat 4, in fact the road map for the development of 3D-Coat is pretty clear (one of the reasons I love products like this from small developers), and now 3D_Coat 4 has finally seen a release featuring the dynamic tessellation sculpting tools for “Live Clay”.

We are glad to finally release long-awaited “dynamic tessellation” Live Clay sculpting tools

Live Clay takes the guesswork out of resolution while sculpting, making it irrelevant, now you are able to simply sculpt and add details at will, wherever you need them. 3D-Coat 4 also slaps on a new face, bringing a new style to the interface with an new start dialog and new shaders preview.

Major tweaks to the application in the form of speed increases – everywhere. 3D-Coat 4 now boasts speed increases from three to ten times, seeing most of the increases on the windows platform, although some gains are carried through to mac and linux versions.

You can now paint emissive and color specular in your textures, and 3D-Coat 4 finds the ability to paint over voxels along with a new pencil tool and magic wand tool added to the paint room, and the texture backing functions have received a major update.

3D-Coat is being offered for $349.00 until July 1, 2013. Upgrades from 3 to 4 are $84.00. This is a huge release to 3D-Coat, with a mass of changes right across the board. To find out more about the great new features of 3D-Coat 4, check the page here.