Stuart Tozer shares Texture Robot, a script he created for automatically assigning common file texture maps into Maya shading networks based on a simple file name convention.

This little robo does the job of automatically assigning common file textures (maps) into shading networks based on simple filename conventions

Setting the texture directory, and suffix names in Texture Robot will set up entire shading networks with Diffuse, Specular Color, Specular Intensity Specular Gloss, Normal Map, Bump Map, Displacements, and Vector Displacements, all attached to a shader, selected from the shader drop-down menu.

When you hit Texture Robot’s ‘Get Textures!’ button, Texture Robot will populate texture slots with file names that match the current settings and if it does not find a match, the text field will remain empty for that slot. Assigning the texture, Texture Robot will create a new shader (currently only mia_Material_X is supported) and build the shading network. Check out Texture Robot for Maya here.