A look at some of the new additions to the latest build of the Red9 Studio Pack from Mark Jackson, who looks at two features for processing animation curves and dealing with dense data in the Maya Graph Editor.

The new Interactive Curve Filter uses some of the tools already present in Maya, but provides a more intuitive workflow, allowing you to interactively simplify animation curves in the Graph Editor.

2 new anim UI’s designed for anybody dealing with dense baked data such as MoCap or wanting to add some random noise into anim data

The Interactive Curve Filter interface is really a wrapper overtop of Maya’s internal simplify command, making it more intuitive and user friendly. The KeyRandomizer will allow you to add controlled noise into animation curve data providing strength and frameStep controls. To find out more about the latest build of Red9 Studio Pack, check out the New Interactive Curve Filter and Randomizer for Maya animation curves here.