Josef Bsharah posts some info aimed for new users in getting started using V-RAYforC4D providing some great info getting oriented with V-ray in Cinema and covers a variety of topics to getting you going.

always keep your project on a real world scale , even if it was stylized types of animation projects , you will get better and a lot more accurate results when rendering with V-Ray or any other engines

VRAYforC4D is a third party implementation of V-Ray in the Cinema 4D environment providing a customized interface to the V-Ray rendering engine.

Josef provides takes a look at the features of V-ray, and covers some of the differences between the native Cinema 4D render engine and V-Ray, discussing setting up, Rendering, and Lighting using V-RAYforC4D – while part two provides a look at using Vray Materials. Check out the post for Getting Started using V-RayforC4D, the Basics and part two here.