After Effects | Easy Camera Rig Creates Cinematic Camera Moves Quickly and With Flexibility

A new offering from Dave Currie, Easy Camera for After Effects allows you to quickly create camera moves, providing an intuitive interface using After Effects controls while still remaining flexible and editable.

quickly animate beautiful cinematic camera moves in After Effects using no special plugins or scripts

Easy Camera uses no special plunges or scripts, using After Effects native tools to offer complete control over a camera rig in your scene. Simply place the camera rig in your composition and find controls for every aspect of camera animation, including basic controls for rig position, rotation, camera tracking, depth of field, and auto-focus.

The Easy Camera Rig is speed controls completely through expressions, so there are no keyframes that are created while editing the speed of position and rotation, because of this you are able to add or edit the expressions and customize the rig to suit your needs. Check out Easy Camera for After Effects here for more information.