Houdini Engine Gets Free Public Preview for Maya and Unity

Big news this past summer saw SideFX announce the Houdini Engine, which has recently been made available for public preview. The Houdini Engine will allow you to access Houdini’s core and leverage its procedural strengths in other applications such as Autodesk Maya, Unity, and any other content creation platform through a compact API.

Side Effects Software is proud to announce the immediate release of experimental Houdini Engine plug-ins for public preview

SideFX are offering the Houdini Engine as a public preview so anyone can download and try out the plugins, and have made them even work with the Houdini Apprentice (which essentially the free learning edition for Houdini) for the preview testing phase.

you should note that the OSX versions of the plugins are not yet available, but the Windows and Linux versions for the The Houdini Engine Plug-in for Maya and Unity are available now.