Loosely based on the features available in the Lattice Modifier in 3DS Max, Mat Clark has been working away on his Super Lattice Modifier for Maya, which is now at version 3, adding much cleaner controls in a handy dock able interface.

A completely new “dockable” interface with more creative controls as well as the option to keep the original object for wire frame rendering

The Super Lattice Modifier lets you create wire renders instantly, or create complex lattice meshes with a tweak of a slider or two with some simple controls for corner nodes. The latest version features a new interface that you can dock, with more creative controls and now includes the option to keep the original object for wireframe rendering.

What’s new in Super Lattice Modifier 3.1:

  • new “dockable” interface.
  • script doesn’t apply lattice until “APPLY” button is pressed.
  • option to keep original, ideal for wire frame rendering.
  • more creative options through offset, thin and break attributes.

Super Lattice Modifier for Autodesk Maya is still a free tool, and can be found here: Super Lattice Modifier 3.1 for Maya.