Houdini | Bullet Solver MasterClass, Discovering Constraint Networks and the RBD Packed Object in Houdini 13

Focusing on two of the newest additions to Houdini 13’s Bullet Solver, SideFX Software takes a look at the the Rigid Body Dynamics Packed Object, in this masterclass that was hosted by 3D Software Developer Cameron White.

introduces users to this new approach to Bullet simulations, and covers some of the new workflows that are possible (such as using POP nodes to manipulate RBD objects)

The new RBD Packed Object is a new primitive type in Houdini 13 which essentially has a transform in Houdini with a reference to geometry that exists somewhere else, which can effectively represent larger numbers of RBD objects offering better memory usage in simulations, improved performance for large numbers of objects, and scalability.

Cameron also looks at another significant new feature in Houdini 13, the new constraint network which can create procedural RBD Constraints of any type, constraining geometry within the Bullet Solver. The new additions and features in the Bullet Solver can open the door to some interesting new approaches to Bullet simulations and simulation workflows in Houdini 13.