Blender | MochaBlend Brings Synergy Between Mocha and Blender

It was only a matter of time before there was an add-on to integrate Imagineer System’s Mocha tracking into Blender somehow, being that Blender has a compositor built right in.

Good Spirit Graphics are about to release MochBlend, an add-on for blender that will allow you to import the tracking data from Mocha for use with blender.

how to set up MochaBlend, how to import data into MochaBlend and explain a few tricks regarding how to use that data

Christopher Barrett walks through setting up MochaBlend in Blender, and covers using Mocha’s transform and corner pin data in Blender’s 3D view -There is also a look at using Mocha’s Shape and Camera Solve data in Blender’s 3D view.