The Foundry Announces “Collectives” Software Bundles

The Foundry recently announced “Collectives”, a streamlined content creation package that is designed to give artists the tools they need without all the extras. There are two bundles that are offered in the Production Collective, and the Creative Collective.

A Collective is a streamlined content creation package

The Hefty Production Collective is for 3D modelling, animation, paint, effects, playback and shot management all in a single license. It includes Modo, Mari Hiero and Nuke X, all offered for the low price of  $ 9600.

The Creation Collective offers 3D Visualization, modelling, animation, painting, playback and integration in one licence. This includes Modo, Mari, and the Hiero Player for the amazing price of $ 2480.

To learn more about The Foundry’s Collective software packages, check out the page here.