Marco Neumann shows how to set Blender’s viewport navigation to mimic Autodesk Maya’s, without creating any key shortcuts conflict. If you are new to blender, most likely the navigation and selections will seem really foreign to you. Selections in blender are they outlier for sure, in that every other program has a left mouse click to select, where Blender has a rough mouse click.

Blender will seem especially strange if you are coming from another application, as most applications use something similar to the “Maya style” navigation in some form.

In this little video you’ll learn how to set up Maya style 3D viewport navigation in Blender without keyboard shortcut conflictsMarco Neumann

That is to say that there will be a key modifier (either command, control or alt) that will work along side with the three mouse buttons to navigate around your scene. alt left mouse button will tumble the view, alt middle mouse button will move or track the view, and alt right mouse button will allow you to zoom into the view.

Check out the tutorial for creating Maya style navigation in Blender over at the blender Plaza here.