Pixldg blog’s Emir Bojorquez covers three methods that offers a quick way for rendering wireframe in Cinema 4D.

Cinema 4D is a pretty flexible 3D application and as such, you can always find more than one solution to a task or problem.

different ways to make a wireframe version of your objects

The Atom Array

Emir shows in the first method, how you can use the Atom Array in C4D to easily create geometry for rendering wireframe. The Atom array will give you the classic “stick and ball” setup, with a few changes to the parameters, can give you a really quick and efficient way to generate wireframes.

Sketch and Toon

The second method that Emire shows is probably one that is most familiar. That is rendering wireframe using the C4D Sketch and Toon tools. This offers a quick render with the flexibility of controlling the final look through the rendering engine.

Edge To Spline

Finally, the last method shows how you can create wireframe renders by use the Edge To Spline command in C4D, and then sweeping a shape onto that to create geometry that can be used for rendering wireframe.


More Resources for Rendering Wireframe in C4D

As you may have guessed, one of the most popular topics in the C4D community is rendering wireframe.



  • Mustapha FERSAOU showed some methods for Modeling Wireframes in C4D, creating a wireframe title using edge to spline and sweep NURBS.


There are also some presets and tools that are available for rendering wireframe in C4D easily.