Recently the C4DZone have released a new version of the Vertex Map Animator Plugin for Cinema 4D. The plugin can assist in animating vertex maps in C4D, which in the end cam be an extremely useful thing.

new release include a new vertex map proximity controller and a new vertex map inverter tag

Used along side the vertex map shader, the Vertex Map Animator plugin can be used to create all kinds of creative and interesting special effects.

Vertex Map Animator 3 adds some new tools in a Vertex Map Proximity Controller and a Vertex Map Inverter tag, both allowing for more controller over how the vertex maps play in the scene.

The last update to Vertex Map Animator added the ability to translate vertex map info into a polygon selection. It also included a new Vertex Map Converter Tag. This made it possible to convert both static or dynamic vertex maps making the plugin play much nicer with Cinema 4D’s, Mograph, and Hair.

As an example, the new Vertex Map Animator Plugin will now allow you to control cloth effects to a much higher degree, having the map drive peeling effects in a cloth simulation.

Vertex Map Animator 3 represents a free update to people who have purchased the tool in the past. Learn more about the Vertex Map Animator plugin for Cinema 4d here.

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