The RenderDigiMania blog posts a look at how to speed up your animation workflow in Maya, especially how you create breakdown or in-between poses.

three ways to speed up the process of making breakdowns or ‘in between’ poses.

RenderDigimania is render that is built to specifically designed to balance quality and speed for high volume animated series production. RenderDigimania harnesses real time technology and applies it to the animation pipeline.

Here, the article describes some methods for speeding up the process for work with stepped tangents alone. Part of the article covers using bTweener, a Maya script for working with breakdowns.  The bTweener tool gives you control over the weight of the in-between pose for your breakdowns.

You can control the weight by dragging around a slider. The selected objects will then favor either the A key or the B key.  bTweener will  also let you quickly change the key type or move the current keyframe with the buttons.

Check out the post for Speed up character animation breakdowns in Maya, where you can find the bTweener Script for download.