Autodesk Product Designer, Adrian Graham has a new blog dedicated to Bifrost, Valhalla, that will be a new source for Bifrost-related tutorials, techniques, tricks, hacks and ideas.

A simple setup to create an aero explosion in Bifrost for Maya 2016.

His goal will be to post Bifrost-related information at a variety of levels, from simple how-to’s for the generalist, to in-depth, technical explanations for the advanced TD.

The inaugural post on Valhalla is a look at using the new Adaptive Aero Solver available in Maya 2016 to create an explosion effect. There are some great tips within showing how to get some variation in the emission pattern for the explosions.

Adrian Graham notes that Bifrost is still relatively new to Maya, but there is a growing source of information available. Visit the Valhalla blog for a list of great resources for Bifrost.

Daryl Obert had a look at some of the new Bifrost features in Maya 2016 showing how to create Guided Simulations in Bifrost and offered a quick overview of the Adaptive Aero Solver in Bifrost.

You can download the support files for the tutorial including the final Maya scene and the Alembic cache of the emitter.