Artist Radu Eduard’s Spectacular Galaxy With Particular & After Effects

Inspired by a photograph of the milky way galaxy, freelance Visual Effects and motion graphics Artist Radu Eduard, started experimenting with achieving the same look in After Effects.

The results came out really stunning. Radu notes that the scale of the object is so large in Ae, that he had to use a 15 mm camera to get it all in the shot.

In my opinion is one of the most beautiful photograph I seen. I was so inspired by this. I google for a 3D Milky Way and I was shocked that there are no decent representation of it. So here it is.Radu Eduard

Certainly, if you worked with particles in a capable and true 3D environment (be it our favorite 3D application, or in Fusion or in hit film) you know how much of an undertaking such as creating a galaxy can be.




Just imagine for a moment, what creating dense particle work like this must be like using an antiquated particle system like Trapcode Particular in the mess that After Effects has become of late.

Visit Radu Eduard’s Behance page for some more spectacular images of the milky way galaxy study – the detail is impressive.


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