Pipeline for Maya is a Simple, Easy To Use Project Manager

If you are looking for a project manager in Maya, or maybe you are not happy with the one that you are using, you might want to consider a look at Pipeline, created by Character TD, Lior Ben Horin. Pipeline for Maya has been developed to be a simple and straight forward system for managing Maya projects.

Managing assets on larger projects in Maya can be a voluminous effort. Asset managers, or project managers can help by allowing you to organize and manage scenes, assets, and more. With Pipeline for Maya,  assets can be sorted in various categories and components, and selecting offers some information on the asset and its history. The asset management tool even has a space that is easily visible where notes can be stored. You can bring back older versions of assets, or version them easily with the provided tools.

Pipeline for Maya is simple offers:

  • Embedded natively into Maya’s interface.
  • Lets you manage all you projects without leaving Maya.
  • Automatic versioning, including naming convention and folder structure.
  • An Asset-Bank for fast referencing into scenes.
  • Lets you work on projects via file sharing services like Dropbox.
  • Users with permissions keep assets safe from less-technical animators.
  • OSX / Windows support.

Pipeline for Maya is currently in the beta phase, but the good news that it is being offered as a “pay as you like” tool, for all non-commercial usage while in beta. Pipeline currently supports OS X and Windows systems running Maya 2015, 2016, 2016 Ext 2. Visit the Pipeline for Maya page for more information.