Alex Cheparev posts a look that offers some insights into his retopology workflow. Actually, it’s a bit more extensive than that. Alex shows how you can go from sculpting in ZBrush to retopo and UV’s in Maya 2016. Then it’s back to ZBrush for further sculpting.

…retopologizing in Maya is much faster and easier than in ZBrush with the benefit of easily creating UVs.

Why would you want to do this? Sometimes working in ZBrush entirely, will not give you viable topology. It may be wise to straighten out the model’s topology with a topology workflow, before continuing to sculpt the finer details in Zbrush.

There are all sorts of great tips here. From using a GPU Cache in Maya to speed up the super-dense mesh in the viewport, to creating UV’s and using Quad Draw and symmetry for a super-fast retopo session. It is always worthwhile to watch Alex work.