4 Good Reasons for Never Using Nuke In and Out Nodes Ever Again

If you are a new user in any program, it might take a while to understand best practices and techniques. These are all things that we should all be doing as simple “admin” type of tasks while working. Don’t leave stay points around in an illustrator document, don’t create shaders in Maya and leave them around if they are never used… that kind of thing. With Nuke, it is the same.

Well if you are learning or just getting started in Nuke, Conrad Olson wants to make sure that you never use the In and Out nodes, and he has 4 practical and compelling reasons to convince you.

Conrad notes that the Mask and Stencil will operate similar to the In and Out nodes, but end up being much better to use.

Turns out that Conrad really dislikes the “In” and “Out” operations in Nuke. His video explains why, and presents four reasons why you should be using Mask and Stencil instead.

Mask and Stencil have the incoming connections in a more logical order, as B and A, rather than The In and Out nodes, A and B order. Nuke’s B input is considered the primary input, and it is good practice to have the image in the B stream. Conrad offers some compelling reasons as to why you would want the image in the B stream in Nuke at all times.

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