Two Free, Nice Ae Presets: MotionType and CounterPro

MotionType and CounterPro

Paris-based Motion Designer Guillaume Gallot, has posted two free After Effects presets that will allow you to work with and animate type and numbers easily — MotionType and CounterPro, respectively.

Both will allow you to animate type and number in a variety of ways either with or without keyframes. Both MotionType and CounterPro are based on Dan Ebberts’ animation expressions. That means that they work with but the in and out point of the layer in After Effects.

MotionType is an easy way to create overshoots with animated type, mirror in and out parameters, randomize time, and reverse text animation.

CounterPro is similar, offering tools that work with animating numbers, making it easy to create countdowns, or timers. It will allow you to set as many decimal numbers as you like, and lets you easily apply, modify and customize plenty of attributes numerically.

Download and try out  MotionType and CounterPro for free.

With the MotionType preset you can:

  • Easily animate text without any keyframe. Animation is based on the layer In Point and Out Point.
  • Animate with keyframes if you want
  • Create overshots on your text.
  • Change duration, delay, decay…
  • Mirror in and out parameters.
  • Randomize time.
  • Enable/Desable intro and outro.
  • Reverse text animation (left to right, or right to left).

With CounterPro you can:

  • Animate without keyframes (based on inPoint layer).
  • Possibility to animate with keyframes.
  • Set as many decimal numbers as you want.
  • Easily apply, modify and customize prefix/suffix signs.
  • Easily modify decimal marks and thousands separators.
  • Change animation duration and delay.
  • Change the negative sign position.
  • Create a timer or a countdown.