Creating Photorealistic Surfaces With MegaScans Studio

A little while ago Quixel launched MegaScans, a service that offers what will be the worlds largest collection of physically based 3D, vegetation and surface scans. With that, there were also two tools for sifting through the massive database and working with the content. Both of them are free with a subscription. MegaScans Bridge lets you search and manage your downloaded scans, while MegaScans Studio lets you work with and create photorealistic surfaces from the scans.

Learn all about the new Megascans Studio, for PC and Mac, included with the Megascans library service

MegaScans Studio was developed to let artists create their own detailed, tile-able and photorealistic surfaces by mixing any number of scans together. If you want to see how easily and quickly you can create surfaces by mixing surface scans together, have a look at the video — Pretty amazing stuff.

Pricing for MegaScans ranges from $19/month for hobbyists, to $29/month for freelancers. The new scan-based tools are included with the subscription for no additional cost. Visit Quixel MegaScans to find out more.