Animating a Piston With Fusion Expressions

Being able to automate animation is a common practice in a lot of applications. Compositing applications are no different, allowing you to animate complex systems easily with a few lines of code or a couple of nodes. Fusion expressions are a highly capable tool for a lot of different things.

how to implement trigonometric function in Fusion

VFX artist Chetal Gazdar looks at some ways fusion expressions can help out. Here, he covers using trigonometric functions within BlackMagic Design Fusion expressions. If you need a bit of a maths refresher, the tutorial covers what trigonometry is, with some basic mathematic examples.

Trigonometry can be an important tool when trying to create any physics based animation. Chital shows how to implement trigonometric functions in Fusion, when using expressions. This can be handy for all kinds of things, and the tutorial covers a couple of real-world examples, including creating the motion of a pendulum in Fusion as well as a more complex system using the mechanical linkages of a piston as reference.

This is a continuation of Chetal’s Expression series. You might want to check out some others including creating a spring in Fusion with expressions, and recreating the motion of a clock.