Check Out Eyad Hussein’s Free and Feature-Rich Alya Rig

Eyed Hussein is a Technical Director for the might Buck, where he creates advanced character rigs for their always amazing commercial spots. Eyed rigs props, characters and creates character expressions on a daily basis. He also developed tools and scripts, creating solutions, and of course, solving technical problems in animation.

The One Rig

alya_rigOne passion Eyad has, is to create the “one”. The illusive and highly sought after character rig. One that is highly flexible. One that all animators can enjoy without frustration or worry of its capabilities. It is to that end that Eyad has developed his own personal rigging tool that he calls ICE.
Hussein’s ICE system is a module based auto rigging system that he has been working on for the last three years. It is intended to generate highly advanced feature film quality rigs. From the feature demo, it does look like it has an amazing set of features. An Ice body rig has around 250 controls.

Unfortunately, ICE isn’t a tool that will be made public. There is some good news though. Eyed is planning on releasing a free rig that was created with his ICE auto-rigging system.

Alya Rig

Alya Rig will be available in early 2017 for Maya 2016 and higher. Alya is a feature-film quality character rig that you will be free to use for any non-commercial work, animation reel, school projects, short film, etc.

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