Sergei Prokhnevskiy Shares 17 More Useful Tricks in After Effects

Ukramedia’s Sergei Prokhnevskiy often makes most of us feel terrible by posting After Effects tricks that you might not have realized. Thankfully the bad feelings subside when you learn more about After Effects.

Sergei’s latest shows 17 more tricks in After Effects that you may not have known about. Some of the tricks are new features in After Effects CC 2017. Things like CC 2017’s ability to create work with project templates, and freeze on the last frame, when you are doing time remapping.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing here is an overview for what is covered:

  • New Project Template
  • Freeze On Last Frame
  • Time-stretching
  • Auto Trace
  • Alpha From Lightness (Unmult)
  • Extending a Solid
  • Mask Roundness
  • Orient Along Path
  • Spatial Interpolation
  • Grow Bounds
  • Auto-Open Panels
  • Unlock Panel
  • Text Template for Premiere Pro
  • Date and Time Tokens
  • Separate Dimensions
  • Modify Property by 10x or 1/10 Default Increments
  • Marker Duration