Measure Tools is a Useful and Interactive Way to Measure in Maya

Maya has a distance tool that is great for making in-scene measurements. It can even be used to pipe in data to other nodes, which makes it really useful. If you find that you are using the measure tool solely for measuring things in the scene, you might be finding it a bit clunky. This is where Measure Tools can help.

Klaudio Ladavac has created a new utility that will make the process of measuring your objects much more fun and interactive. With the new Maya utility, you can select two vertices and press the button to add a distance tool between your selections. The selections can be in the same object or two different objects. The distance tool will follow the vertices as you move the components or the objects around in the scene.

The Measuring utility also comes with the ability to convert units of measurement. Easily exchange imperial to metric and back again.

Measure Tools supports Maya 2016 to Maya 2017 versions, and is free to download. Visit the Measure Tools page for more information.