Create a Paper Scroll Icon in After Effects With One Stroke

Shape Layers and Animators are a really powerful system in After Effects. The Shape Layer capabilities can go well beyond what it was designed for, it is just a matter of being clever. How clever? How about creating a paper scroll animation using a single stroke? That kind of clever.

The idea originated by Andrew Embury and was implemented as a preset by Workbench’s Joe Clay. The idea is that you can create a paper scroll using a simple path, and a repeater animator. If all is linked up correctly, it should look as if paper is being drawn on with the effect looking like it has curled ends.

Joe Clay walks through how the preset was set up, and also shows how you can take it a step further by using After Effects’ new 3D engine.

The project file is available for for you to download and tinker. You can also download the Paper Scroll Preset and use it whenever you feel the urge.