Working with FlipBooks and Sequences in Houdini

If you are just getting started with Houdini, Mix Training is a great place to start. Hosted by Mix Studio’s Alvaro Castaneda, the tutorials offer a great way to get started with the basics, but at the same time takes you much further, diving into some of the minutia of settings and why they are there.

A good example of the basic / advanced explanations in the tutorials, is the latest tips and tricks video, that looks at working with flipBooks and sequences in Houdini.

Alvaro covers some functionality that may get glossed over everywhere else, including Houdini’s own documentation. Watch Alvaro walk through how to make flipbooks and sequences which are useful for viewing animations in real-time and comparing results from previous renders.

Be sure to check out the Mix training Channel where there are live streams every Wednesday and tips and tricks every Monday.