Bridge Houdini and After Effects With a Free Houdini 2 Ae Tool

Visual Effects Technical Director and Freelancer Mohammed Osama has created a tool that can bridge the gap between Side FX Houdini and Adobe After Effects. The Houdini 2AE tool is a python driven script that lets you easily export camera and locators from Houdini to After Effects.

Recently, there have been a few tools that help bridge the gap between AE and DCC Apps, including an “native” offering from the Adobe team with CineWare. YCDI VFX has Nyx Voltron for 3DS MAX and Ae that allows for salve control over Ae. Nyx was clearly inspiration for Maya’s MASH to After Effects bridge.

If you work both with Houdini (15-16) and After Effects, have a look at houdini 2 AE, which you can download for free here.