How To Make 3D Scan Data Animation Ready in ZBrush

Photgrametry has come a long way in the last little while. It has advanced to the point where anyone with a camera and a bit of know-how can create 3D scan data from a series of photographs. IF you are not creating 3D scan data, you inevitably will run into at some point, working in VFX or games.

When working in film and in video games these days, you’ll inevitably run into 3D scanned data

Although applications like Agisoft PhotoScan does a great job of capturing content, 3D Scan data is too dense, and too rough to use raw. You need to clean it up to make it workable and animation ready.

Platt College San Diego 3D Instructor Mike Smith demonstrates a quick and dirty introduction to 3d scan data, and covers some of the concepts behind the clean up workflow in Zbrush.

This video is a quick and dirty, bare bones intro to 3D scan data and the concepts behind the workflow involved with cleaning it up to make it animation-ready. If you are not familiar with the tools or process in ZBrush, the process is a matter of smoothing out the rough surfaces of the scan, and then using the Z-Remesher guides to build a quick new retopology for the scan.